Auto Junker Titusville pays Cash For Junk Cars.  We think this can be an incredible way to sell your used vehicle quickly and easily without having to go through the traditional lengthy process associated with selling used cars.  If you’ve tried Facebook marketplace or Offerup and failed to sell your junk car or simply don’t want to go thru the hassle of selling your junk car in Titusville.

A Cash For Junk Car Auto Junker salesmen will offer you cash upfront to trade in your used auto; they will check the engine, transmission interior and exterior don’t worry you don’t have to wash or prepare your car to sell. All we will be looking for is that none of the parts on your car will be missing.

We will also prepare all the paperwork that is needed to verify ownership of the car, you don’t have to do anything other than shows us your driver’s license or state id so we can verify is you.  We also do a vin check to make sure the car is not stolen or doesn’t have a lien before you receive the money so that you do not need to worry about any future problems.

You receive your payment in cash for your junk car vehicle we don’t use checks or gift cards.  We pay you on the spot and come to your home or place of business.  We make it convenient for you unlike some salvage yards that either make you bring the car to them or even if they send a tow truck out to you they still require you to come over their dirty filthy yard a place that we know very well and don’t really want our customers to even smell of car grease and metal.

We know that you can sell your used auto by choosing from several different locations and companies but our customer service is what our clients love.


Some cash for junk car dealers are located near you, while others may be located across the country national franchises or wholesalers who purchase cars.  We are local to Titusville and the Space Coast we are independent and family ran when you get a quote you are dealing directly with the person that is going to pickup your car.

cash for junk carsYou can save thousands of dollars by trading in your old auto through us here at Auto Junker Titusville where we pay cash for junk cars.  We pay you immediately when you sell your vehicle. Most dealerships that specialize in cash for cars will always check the car’s condition and will pay you for the value of the car, whether it is brand new or gently used.

While receiving cash for junk cars is not unheard of, the amount you receive for your old auto will depend upon a number of factors that include: year, make, models, if there is substantial damage to the car and where it’s located…

If you have several different vehicles that need to be traded-in, getting an instant offer on your car may be an option. By giving us a call at 321-209-7777 or filling out our Junk Car Online Quote Form you can get a quote in minutes of submitting it on our website or thru the phone.

Once you get an instant offer on your vehicle all we need is a good time to come out and pick it up.  We need the original owner present to sign over the car and to receive the cash offer.  This can help you reduce the cost of towing fees because we don’t charge any towing fees, our towing services are free when picking up your car.

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