The New BYD U8 Amphibious Car

In this article we will talk about the The New BYD U8 Amphibious Car the YangWang U8. BYD’s YangWang U8 The BYD YangWang U8 SUV is an electrified Off-Road all-terrain beast with 1,197 HP ready for anything. It is capable of doing a 360-degree ‘tank-type’ turn and even floating on […]

How Much Is A Hummer EV Going To Cost?

A GMC Electric Monster is Born The GMC Hummer EV , an electric beast in the form of a pick up , with 1,000 horsepower (still estimated) that will cost around $112,000 dollars and will be a very tough enemy for Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck (which, let’s not forget, is […]