Can You Sell A Car With Expired Registration In Florida: A Complete Guide

Can expired tags be sold? We can’t always keep up with the fast-paced world. When preparing to sell a car, the registration date can be overlooked.

If you have your car’s paperwork, selling it for cash is easy. You can sell a car without proper documentation, but you’ll need to take extra steps.

It’s possible to sell a car with expired registration in the state of Florida as long as it doesn’t own any money in other it has no liens.

Can cars with expired tags be junked?

In Florida, you can junk a car with expired registration tags as long as you are the original owner.  If you have an electronic title you must provide proof of ownership with an insurance card old registration and your driver’s license.

Vehicle registration identifies the owner and verifies the vehicle’s legality to drive. When pulled over, the registration proves you’re not driving a stolen car.

Vehicle registration proves ownership at sale. A seller needs registration, VIN, license plate number, and clear title. Don’t worry about an expired title until you sell your car. Still owe money on your car but need to sell it? Work with your bank and state requirements to release a lien.

Junking an expired-registration vehicle

Private parties who want to buy a car with expired tags must ask the right questions. If a car has expired tags, you could face legal consequences if pulled over, as it’s illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle.

Why should you register a car?

A vehicle’s registration proves it’s legal to drive in a certain state. It helps you get a car license plate. A vehicle registration helps the DMV track the car’s owner, address, plate number, title number, and VIN. Registration helps prove legal ownership before selling a car.


Florida laws are very specific when selling an unregistered car, but you must prove the sale is legal everywhere. You’ll need a clear title to prove you own the car and can sell it. If the car is financed, the bank owns it, not you. If you have the car’s title but no registration, you may be able sale or junk the car but keep in mind that if the title has been signed over to you already you might have to pay back taxes and penalties.  So the best thing to do is junk the car instead of selling it to a third party.

Your car may not be registered when you sell it, but only a registered vehicle can be driven legally. Unsure about selling an unregistered car? Check with the DMV.

Autojunker buys unregistered cars?

We buy cars for cash, but you must prove ownership.  Autojunker will accept a title as proof of ownership for a car with an expired registration. A bill of sale can be proof in Florida but you must provide and state ID and your fingerprint. A seller’s insurance card can also serve as ownership proof.  Florida requires us to keep this information just in case there are any disputes in the future. Your state may not require a title if your car is older than 10 years.   Newer than 10 year vehicles require titles. We can legally buy your junk car if you can prove ownership.


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