Is Toyota bringing out a new Land Cruiser?

Since the Toyota Land Cruiser is getting discontinued this may seem unlikely because according to Car and Driver Magazine and website there will no 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser in the USA, considering the fact that Toyota has just introduced another small SUV to their lineup, the Toyota Yaris. However, a closer look into the small SUV segment revealed some interesting facts about Toyota’s new vehicle. Given the small size and powerful engine power of the Yaris, it is expected that a replacement for this vehicle is on the way.

In fact, Toyota has already started teasing the new model of their vehicle. They have released photos of an SUV-mini based on the Toyota Yaris. The teaser image shows a model with headlamps and a very short roof. It seems like the vehicle will share some features with the Toyota Yaris. However, it is far from clear as to what will happen with this vehicle.

Why is a Land Cruiser discontinued in US?

A large part of the reason why a Land Cruiser has been discontinued in the US is that sales growth in this segment has been minimal. The SUV is simply not a mainstream choice when compared to other vehicles in the segment. Nonetheless, manufacturers continue to produce SUV’s for the segment, despite the unfavorable sales trend. A large part of the reasons for the soft sales in the SUV segment is the high price tag.  Toyota Land Cruiser Getting Discontinued

Is Toyota bringing out a new Land Cruiser?

Some have speculated that Toyota is planning to release a new Land Cruiser for the UK, the South African market and Latin America markets. However, no new Land Cruiser has been announced for North American markets at this time. A Toyota spokesperson however, indicated that a new Land Cruiser will be coming out in the near future. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.

Will a redesigned Toyota Land Cruiser be available for the US market next year?

If Toyota does bring out a new model, it is highly likely that it will not be in production next year. Most production vehicles are phased out or replaced with a different vehicle every two years. A redesign may be planned for sometime in the future. Until then we will have to content ourselves with viewing old pictures of the Land Cruiser.

Will the new design affect performance and fuel mileage?

It is possible that the new look of the Land Cruiser will affect how the vehicle drives. Some people believe the new design will reduce weight without having an impact on ride quality. Others feel that performance will be affected, although how much of a difference it will make is impossible to know until test driving a production vehicle. Toyota may decide to release the production vehicle with some performance modifications.


Where can I find out more information about this?

Visit Motor Authority and read more.  Toyota made a limited edition version of the Land Cruiser for the British market. Limited editions are popular because they offer a higher level of quality than other vehicles on the market. The limited edition was also made for a limited time.  Toyota Land Cruiser Getting Discontinued

Where can I find a used Land Cruiser in US?

Searching for a used Land Cruiser in the US is very similar to searching for one in UK. You need to know the vehicle’s make and model number. Next you need to locate a reputable dealer who deals in used vehicles. Finally, you should confirm the history of the vehicle by consulting a Vehicle History Report.

What are the running costs of a Toyota Land Cruiser in US?

The running costs of a Land Cruiser in the US will include maintenance and fuel. The price will depend on what level of performance you want your vehicle to achieve. Gas prices are very low currently. Therefore if you want a high level of performance then it will cost you more to maintain the vehicle. A Cruise Control will also increase the running costs as it will require a higher amount of fuel to operate.

Is it possible to buy a factory certified Toyota Land Cruiser in US?

If your budget is very tight then you should consider a factory certified car. Factory certified means that the car has been inspected by a professional technician who checks the car for problems and re-checks the car after repairs are made. A factory certified car will have an official certification stating that it is a factory original.

Where can I find replacement parts for a Toyota Land Cruiser?

The best place to locate replacement parts is from authorized dealers of your vehicle. Do not purchase from eBay or other online stores. There is a high chance that these vehicles have been used before and the refurbishing shops do not know how to repair it properly. If you are able to find the right authorized dealer then you can be assured of the highest quality.

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