You’ve been thinking over the same issue for a long time, your old car can’t take any more and the time has come to get rid of it. In the mornings, starting it has become an ordeal, and once you get it, you force yourself not to look back to avoid seeing the huge black cloud that it leaves behind.

Throughout the life of a car, it is not strange that at some point we have to face an expensive repair, enough to make us wonder if it is worth assuming that expense.

If the damages are not very important, but we are still not interested in repairing, many doubts and questions may arise: What can I do with my damaged car? Can I get some profitability from it? Will it be possible to sell it? Where can I sell my damaged car?

The clutch is getting harder and harder and every night you ask the pillow where that pain in your arm comes from. Not to mention the noise that the suspension makes every time you go over a speed bump or the sadness that it makes you see its unfortunate appearance every time you park it and move away from it. Still, you feel proud of your vehicle because you consider it indestructible. Until that fateful day arrives, the one you thought would never come … and the car breaks down, kaput.

For obvious reasons, when it comes to selling a damaged car, there will not be many interested parties who will contact us to purchase it. As for individuals, there is a very small sector of drivers who are interested in the assembly of cars by parts as a hobby. At the corporate level, until now, only scrap yards were a safe option to sell. Those private buyers who decide to buy a second-hand car, logically prefer the utility vehicles ready to circulate from the first moment in which the contract for the sale of the same is signed.

One of the worst days of your life, not only due to the misfortune of being left without a car, a real chore, but also due to the fact that your expectations of getting something out of it vanish. However, although it seems like a very complicated task, with all the options that exist today, selling a damaged car and making a fair profit is not impossible. To begin with, we must discard the classic scrapping option since this, despite the comforts it offers, will not bring us any profit. If you are not convinced of it, do a search for scrap yards in your city, compare the services each offers and ask for prices. Once you have confirmed the little money that you can get this way, consider other alternatives such as the ones we comment on below.

If you want to sell a damaged car and win in the attempt, it is essential that you know the value that it has in the market. To do this, it is best to take it to a professional appraiser, who will examine your vehicle carefully and will be able to provide you with the closest value to its real price. But you can also make use of the appraisal tools that are around the web, but make sure you do it with a company with experience in the used vehicle sector, if you want to obtain a more fair value. Once you know the price of your car, it is time to assess other sale options.

Car Appraiser

If we start from the basis that it is not worth fixing the fault and, therefore, the vehicle is going to be sold with the fault, we should not therefore give up finding an interested individual. There are more people than you think are interested in your car, even if it is broken or cannot circulate, we can find from mechanics to individuals eager to get hold of your car. Either because they want to repair it or because they are looking to acquire an inexpensive source of spare parts for their vehicle.

If you choose this option, the price you get for your car will depend a lot on your negotiating skills and, of course, on how you present the vehicle. Therefore, it is very important that before making the sale you clean your car well inside and out and restore all the damages you can, making the least possible expense. In this way, the buyer will get a better impression of your car and you can ask for more money for it.

The other option and with which you will very possibly obtain much greater profitability for your car is to sell its parts. Although it may sound crazy, it is exactly the same as scrap yards do, and if you have ever approached one you will see that it is a succulent business. So why can’t we do the same? Through the internet we can advertise the pieces and locate the buyers. That easy? Unfortunately, no.

It is clear that to do this we must have some knowledge of mechanics or that someone, who does, help us. And of course, we will need a garage or warehouse to keep the pieces that we want to sell. As these two alternatives require time and effort on our part, a last option is to carry out a complete search on the internet for companies that buy damaged vehicles and see what we find.

If you don’t wan to go thru the hassle of pulling parts storing them and listing them on online marketplaces give us a call at AutoJunker 321-209-7777 if you are in the Titusville area.

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